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vnsc威尼斯城 Privacy Policy

Updated December 30, 2022

The vnsc威尼斯城, Inc. (“大学”,“vnsc威尼斯城官网”或“vnsc威尼斯城官网”)认识到隐私的重要性. In this Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”), we disclose our practices with respect to the 个人信息 that we collect about individuals, 以及个人对vnsc威尼斯城官网所收集的个人信息的选择和权利. “个人信息” is information that identifies, 涉及到, 描述了, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, 直接或间接地, with a particular consumer or ho使用hold.

某些州规定了不同的隐私权和信息披露. These rights and disclosures are set forth in specific 姿势附录 to this Privacy Policy. 

1. 范围

本隐私政策适用于vnsc威尼斯城官网从网站用户收集的个人信息, 应用程序, wi - fi热点, and other online 服务, 以及vnsc威尼斯城官网收集的个人信息, including current and prospective students, 校友, 学习者, 校园访客, 和其他人 with whom we interact (e.g., 业务-to-业务 Representatives, 定义如下), 是否在线, 通过电话, or offline in the course of providing our 课程, 项目, and 服务 (collectively, vnsc威尼斯城官网的“服务”).

如果你是一名雇员, 承包商, 或者求职者, then this Privacy Policy only applies to you when you are using vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务 outside of those roles. 如果你以现任或前任雇员的身份行事, 承包商, 或者求职者, then our collection and 使用 个人资料 is governed by our respective Employee Privacy, 申请人的隐私, or Contractor Privacy notices. 如果您是前加州雇员,请vnsc威尼斯城官网 办公室.合规uopx@from.oldgloryradio.com for a copy of our Employee Privacy notice.

某些服务可能受制于与网站上提供的服务相关的额外隐私政策或隐私披露(统称), “额外政策”). 如果任何附加政策与本隐私政策之间存在冲突, the Additional 政策 will take precedence.

Student 教育al Records. 如果你成为一名学生, your educational information that is part of your educational 记录 with us is subject to the U.S. 《vnsc威尼斯城官网》, 国家法律, and the University’s policies (collectively, “Student 教育al Records Requirements”). In the event of any conflict between Student 教育al Records Requirements and this Privacy Policy, 学生教育记录要求优先. 学生有权限制访问他们的学生教育记录,并要求此类记录的副本, as set forth in the University’s FERPA政策. You may also contact us via one of the below methods:


4035 S. Riverpoint百汇
凤凰城,AZ 85040


招生 and Records Service Center: 800-866-3919

2. 定义


匿名“是指已被去识别的信息,因此它不再合理地识别, 涉及到, 描述了, 也不再有能力与, 或链接, 直接或间接地, 对个人而言. 匿名信息不再是个人信息.

应用程序” means software which may be utilized on our 网站s and downloaded to or accessed through vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务.

“业务-to-业务 Representatives” 指可能作为vnsc威尼斯城官网服务的一部分或与vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务有关的其他公司或协会的代理或代表.

教育合作伙伴“ means other companies or institutions who may participate in various University initiatives (e.g., companies making University 课程, 项目, 或为客户提供其他产品/服务, 员工, 潜在的雇主, 进行学术研究或提供学术报告的机构, 等.).


网站指由大学拥有或运营的任何网站, which links to or displays this Privacy Policy.

社交网络” or “社交网络"是指“服务”以及第三方社交网站(如LinkedIn)上提供的各种互联网通信技术, 脸谱网, 推特, 等., 促进人们之间的在线对话和互动,包括, 但并不局限于, 博客, 论坛, 维基百科, 聊天会话, 新闻集团, 等.

社交网络内容” (or “SNC)是指您同意通过社交网络分享的用户生成内容, 但并不局限于, 个人信息, 数字声音, and pictures that you upload to a 社交网络. It also includes your 个人信息 that may be displayed on other 使用rs’ 社交网络 p年龄s. 

3. Collection 个人资料

We collect information about you directly 从 you, 来自第三方, 并自动通过您使用vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务或与vnsc威尼斯城官网的互动. vnsc威尼斯城官网可以将从这些不同来源收集的信息结合起来.

Directly Collected Information. vnsc威尼斯城官网收集您自愿提供给vnsc威尼斯城官网的个人信息(线上或线下), including when you: respond to an advertisement; participate in a survey or a drawing; request information; apply for admission to the University; go to receive a photo ID for one of the University camp使用s; register for classes; apply for financial aid; order educational or other 产品 and Services; set up a 社交网络 or other 网站 profile; 使用 vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务 or one of our 应用程序 (e.g., 获取职业资源, 学习评估, or other interactive tools); or otherwise interact with us online or offline. The exact nature of the 个人信息 may vary depending on the type of response or service requested, 但是可以包括名字, 详细联系方式, 出生年月, 教育历史, 财务信息, 就业状况, 照片, 利益, 人口统计信息, 以及其他信息.

Automatically Collected Information. The Services may have and 使用 cookies, 像素, 第三方标签, 脚本, 日志文件, and other means to automatically collect information about the 使用 of vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务 and 服务, 包括(但不限于):设备信息,如硬件型号, 操作系统, IP地址, and unique device 标识符; collection date; publisher name; connection speed; day of week and time of day; langu年龄 settings; country, 状态, city (relating to IP地址, if available); domain (e.g., .com, .网 .密耳, .组织, .edu等.); web p年龄s viewed; and 电子邮件 clicks or other actions taken. 看到 the “饼干 and Similar Technologies” 下面的部分 for more information. vnsc威尼斯城官网自动收集的这些信息可能与个人信息相关联,以实现本隐私政策中所述的目的. 除了, vnsc威尼斯城官网可能会使用闭路电视和其他安全监控来保护vnsc威尼斯城官网的场所, 可能导致vnsc威尼斯城官网收集校园访客的个人资料. 此外,当您致电vnsc威尼斯城官网时,vnsc威尼斯城官网可能会出于质量和培训的目的录制通话.

Information Collected 从 Other Sources. vnsc威尼斯城官网也可能从教育合作伙伴处获得个人信息, 服务提供商, and publicly available sources, 这些资料可能与vnsc威尼斯城官网收集的其他个人资料相结合. 例如, we may receive 个人信息 about you 从 educational institutions which you have attended; financial institutions (e.g., related to student loans); government entities (e.g., related to education grants); employers (e.g., related to education or 职业生涯计划); third-party platforms or accounts that you connect to or integrate with one or more of vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务; 服务提供商 that we work with to verify, 更新, or append data to the information that we have otherwise collected about you and to identify prospective students or other individuals who may be interested in vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务.

Categories 个人资料 Collected

While the 个人信息 we collect varies (as explained above) depending upon the nature of the Services provided or 使用 and our interactions with individuals, 一般, vnsc威尼斯城官网可能收集以下类别的个人信息:

  • Name, contact information, and other 标识符:实名, 别名, 邮寄地址, 电话号码(s), unique personal identifier, 网络标识符, 电子邮件地址, 帐户名称, 签名, or other similar 标识符
  • 商业信息: records of personal 财产; 产品 or 服务 purchased, 获得, or considered; or other purchasing or consuming histories or tendencies
  • 财务信息: 银行帐号,信用卡号码,借记卡号码,或其他财务信息
  • 医疗信息、残疾和健康保险信息
  • 人口统计信息: 特征 such as race, 种族, 性别, 年龄, 宗教, 国家的起源, 国籍, 以及婚姻状况
  • 教育信息: information regarding past and present education, including institutions attended, 就读年限, 学习课程, 考勤记录, 成绩, 奖了, 度(s), 纪律记录, financial aid awards and payment history, as well as assignments and other student-generated work or contributions to online discussions. The information collected 从 a student or potential student may include both directory and non-directory information as those terms are defined in FERPA and the University’s FERPA政策.
  • Government identification:社保、驾照、身份证、护照号码
  • 互联网或其他电子网络活动信息: internet protocol (IP) address including, 但不限于, browsing history; search history; and information regarding a consumer’s interaction with an Internet website, 应用程序, 或广告
  • Audio, video, and other electronic data: 照片, call 记录ings, and CCTV foot年龄
  • 工作经历: professional or employment-related information
  • 从上述任何类别的个人信息得出的推论: inferences 使用 to create a profile about a consumer reflecting the consumer’s preferences, 特征, 心理趋势, 倾向, 行为, 的态度, 情报, 和能力

4. Use 个人资料


  • 管理申请、注册、注册和财务服务: to review and process 应用程序s and registrations; to verify the information you provide us, determine your admissibility, register you for selected educational 项目, and contact you relating to your University status; to provide financial 服务 related to tuition payments and financial aid 应用程序s; to maintain student records; and for other related purposes
  • Providing support and 服务: to provide vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务; to communicate with you about your access to and 使用 of such Services; to respond to your inquiries; to provide troubleshooting, fulfill your orders and requests, 处理你的付款, and provide technical support; for other customer service and support purposes; and to facilitate communications and collaboration with you 和其他人 in our University 社区, including through our 教育合作伙伴, 服务提供商, and our social networking, 社区, and collaboration features
  • Personalizing content and experiences: to tailor content we send or display on the Services in order to offer location customization and personalized help and instructions and to otherwise personalize your experiences; to reach you with more relevant ads and to measure ad campaigns
  • 市场营销 and promotional purposes: to administer promotions and contests; to promote our University and the Services we offer; to send you newsletters, 提供了, 或vnsc威尼斯城官网认为您可能感兴趣的有关产品或服务的其他信息
  • Analyzing and improving our 服务 and operations: to better understand how 使用rs access and 使用 the Services we offer; for other research and analytical purposes, such as to evaluate and 改善 vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务 and business operations and to develop additional 项目, 服务, and features; and to 改善 student retention, vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务, 以及用户体验
  • 确保和保护vnsc威尼斯城官网的资产和权利,防止不当行为: to protect our business operations, secure our network and information technology assets and 服务; to 防止 and detect fraud, unauthorized access or activities, 作弊, 剽窃, and other 不当行为; and, w在这里 we believe necessary, 调查, 防止, 或者对涉嫌违反我校学生政策的行为采取行动, 使用条款, 或本隐私政策, 以及欺诈, 非法活动, 作弊, 剽窃, 不当行为, 以及其他可能威胁到任何人权利或安全的情况
  • Complying with 法律 obligations: to comply with the law or 法律 proceedings. 例如, we may disclose information in response to subpoenas, 法庭命令, 以及监管机构和执法部门提出的其他合法要求, 包括回应国家安全或执法部门的信息披露要求
  • 支持ing our general business operations: to support the administration of our general business, 会计, 记录, 以及法律功能, 包括analytics运营和业务结果和风险, to collect outstanding amounts owed, 并维护业务和学生教育记录

匿名的信息. We may also de-identify information to create 匿名数据 sets and reports in order to assess, 改善, 发展vnsc威尼斯城官网的业务, 产品, and Services; prepare benchmarking reports; and for other research and analytics purposes.

5. Disclosure 个人资料


  • 服务提供商. vnsc威尼斯城官网可能会与第三方服务提供商共享您的个人信息,第三方服务提供商使用这些信息为vnsc威尼斯城官网提供服务, including payment processors, 内容提供商, 主机提供商, 审计人员, 顾问, 咨询顾问, account collection 年龄ncies, advertising and 市场营销 partners, and customer service and support providers.
  • 教育合作伙伴. vnsc威尼斯城官网可能会与与vnsc威尼斯城官网合作的教育合作伙伴共享您的个人信息,以提供某些教育服务, 项目, 课程, 职业生涯计划, 和/或其他产品,或从事学术或其他机构研究的人员.
  • 业务转移. We may disclose or transfer your 个人信息 as part of any actual or contemplated merger, 出售, 转让vnsc威尼斯城官网的资产, 收购, 融资, or restructuring of all or part of our business, 破产, 或类似事件, 包括在此类事件之前进行的尽职调查, 法律允许的情况下.
  • 法律规定. We may disclose your 个人信息 as required under applicable law or in response to 法律 process (e.g., in response to a subpoena or court order).
  • FERPA允许. vnsc威尼斯城官网可能会在FERPA允许的情况下披露您的个人信息.
  • 保护vnsc威尼斯城官网的权利. We may disclose your 个人信息 w在这里 we believe it necessary to respond to claims asserted against us or to comply with 法律 process; to enforce or administer our agreements and terms; for fraud 防止ion, 风险评估, 调查, and protection of the rights, 财产, or safety of the University, vnsc威尼斯城官网的客户, 客户, 和其他人.

匿名数据. We may 分享 匿名的信息 with 服务提供商 and/or other third parties for research, 市场营销, analytics, 还有其他用途, provided such information does not identify you.

6. International Data Transfers

vnsc威尼斯城官网在多个司法管辖区运营和处理信息, both in and outside the United States, 因此,一些教育合作伙伴和服务提供商可能位于或处理您所在司法管辖区以外的信息. 在这种情况下, your 个人信息 may be collected, 使用, 披露, 存储, 并为本政策中所述的目的在这些其他司法管辖区进行处理. The data protection and other laws of the United States and other countries might differ 从 your jurisdiction. 除了, 您的个人信息可能受制于该等司法管辖区的法律, 包括向政府当局披露个人信息的合法要求.

7. 饼干 and Similar Technologies

vnsc威尼斯城官网使用cookie, 像素, 标签, local stor年龄 objects (also called Flash cookies), 网络信标, and other technologies (which may be provided by third parties) on vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务 to enable certain functionality on vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务; for security and fraud detection and 防止ion; to collect us年龄 information about vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务 and the 电子邮件s that we send; and to personalize content and provide more relevant ads and information. We may combine the information we collect via these technologies with other information that we collect, including 个人信息. 

饼干. 饼干是通过您的网络浏览器传输到您的计算机以保存记录的字母数字标识符. 某些cookies允许您登录vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务或保存某些设置和首选项, 而其他则允许vnsc威尼斯城官网识别vnsc威尼斯城官网服务的使用情况和活动, personalize content on vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务, or deliver more relevant ads on third-party websites. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, 但如果你愿意, 您可以编辑您的浏览器选项,以便将来阻止它们. 大多数浏览器工具栏上的“帮助”选项卡会告诉您如何防止计算机接受新的cookie, 当您收到新的cookie时,浏览器如何通知您, or how to disable cookies altogether. If you disable cookies, however, certain features may not be available or function properly.  For more information or to 更新 your preferences for certain 第三方标签 and cookies on our 网站s, 请参阅vnsc威尼斯城官网的 偏好中心.

像素标签和嵌入式脚本(也称为清晰的gif和网络信标). 像素标签是具有唯一标识符的微小图形,功能类似于cookie. 与cookie相比, which are 存储 on your computer’s hard drive, 像素标记 are embedded invisibly on web p年龄s. We may 使用 these in connection with vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务 to, 除此之外, identify the activities of 使用rs of vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务, 提高广告, personalize and man年龄 content, and gather us年龄 information about vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务. vnsc威尼斯城官网也可以在HTML电子邮件中使用这些来帮助vnsc威尼斯城官网analytics电子邮件的回复率, identify when our 电子邮件s are viewed, and determine whether our 电子邮件s are forwarded. For more information or to 更新 your preferences for certain 第三方标签 and cookies on our 网站s, 请参阅vnsc威尼斯城官网的 偏好中心.

Local Stor年龄 Objects (LSOs). lso是由您访问的网站本地存储在浏览器中的数据文件. lso可以以类似于cookie的方式用于各种目的, 比如记录你提供的信息,记住你的偏好. vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务可能包括依赖adobeflashplayer的视频和内容, which 使用s LSOs (also called Flash cookies). If you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer, it can be set to reject or delete LSOs. This option is in the System Preferences on Mac OS X, in the Flash Player Control Panel on Windows®, 或使用Adobe网站上提供的Flash Player管理工具. 其他类型的lso包括HTML5本地存储和类似的技术.

请勿追踪信号. Do-Not-Track (DNT) is a browser-based signal that, 当设置, signifies your desire not to be tracked online. For more information about DNT signals, please click 在这里. vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务可能不会对所有基于DNT的网络浏览器信号做出响应. Some browsers and browser extensions support the 全球隐私控制 (“GPC”),它可以向您访问的网站发送信号,表明您选择退出某些类型的数据处理, 包括数据销售. vnsc威尼斯城官网已经实现了这样的工具,当vnsc威尼斯城官网检测到这样的信号, vnsc威尼斯城官网将尽合理努力尊重您在GPC设置中所作的选择. 除了, you may disable certain cookies and opt out of interest-based advertising as explained in the “Individual Rights and Choices” 下面的部分.

8. Interest-Based Advertising

We may work with 服务提供商 (including, 但不限于, Adobe, 谷歌, LinkedIn, and 脸谱网) to display advertising on our 网站s or to man年龄 our advertising on other websites. These third-party networks and platforms 使用 cookies, 像素标记, and other technologies to collect information about your activities on vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务 and other websites over time to provide you targeted advertising based upon your 利益. Some ads are targeted to your 利益 and preferences, based on your browsing history 以及其他信息. 即使没有显示广告,这些cookie也会跟踪您的浏览历史. 您可以在vnsc威尼斯城官网的网站上更新您对第三方标签和cookie的首选项 偏好中心.

跨设备. We may also 使用 device information, particularly in mobile advertising, 帮助投放vnsc威尼斯城官网的广告,并衡量广告活动的效果. To assist us in using device information, we participate in the Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op which helps us better understand how 使用rs access and 使用 vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务 across multiple devices, so that we can better tailor advertising and personalize the experiences of a 使用r across their devices. We do not collect or 分享 your name, 电子邮件, or other 详细联系方式 with other Co-op participants, 但当您访问或使用vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务时,vnsc威尼斯城官网可能会收集您的设备信息. 使用这些信息, vnsc威尼斯城官网可能会将您与您用于访问vnsc威尼斯城官网服务的其他设备相关联. 这些信息可能与您的浏览历史相关联, 标识符, 这样vnsc威尼斯城官网就可以在你的设备上为你提供更多相关的广告和个性化的体验. 要了解有关Adobe体验云设备合作的更多信息,请 点击这里.

9. Individual Rights and Choices

在本节中, we describe your rights and choices regarding our 使用 and disclosure of your 个人信息.

营销传播. 您可以选择不接收vnsc威尼斯城官网的营销通讯 在这里. 另外, you may follow the opt-out instructions in the footer of any 市场营销 电子邮件 we send or inform us of your decision to opt-out while on a call with us. 选择退出请求只会将您从vnsc威尼斯城官网的营销列表中删除, not 从 the list of any other third parties.

如果你不希望收到短信,你可以通过回复来选择不接收 停止 to cancel future text mess年龄s. 要寻求帮助,发短信 帮助. 您也可以通过联系方式要求额外的帮助 TextMsg支持@from.oldgloryradio.com or by calling 866-766-0766.

社交网络 Content. You may change various 使用r settings related to sharing your 个人信息 contained in any 使用r profile you set up as part of 社交网络 activities furnished by us, 以合同为准, 学术, 法律, or technical restrictions and reasonable notice. 请注意,您退出社交网络活动可能会使vnsc威尼斯城官网无法向您提供某些产品或服务.

饼干 and Similar Technologies. 使用vnsc威尼斯城官网的 偏好中心, you can opt out of or change your preferences for most third-party cookies and 标签 on our 网站s, 但对于vnsc威尼斯城官网网站的正常运行或您在vnsc威尼斯城官网网站上可获得的特定功能的“必要”内容除外. 除了, you may block or disable cookies for the device and browser you are using through your browser settings; however, 如果你这样做了, vnsc威尼斯城官网网站上的某些功能可能无法使用或无法正常运行.

10. 孩子们

vnsc威尼斯城官网不会故意收集13岁以下儿童的个人信息.  如果vnsc威尼斯城官网得知vnsc威尼斯城官网在未经家长适当同意的情况下收集或接收了13岁以下儿童的个人信息, we will delete that information. If you believe we might have collected any information 从 a child under 13 without consent, 请通过下面“vnsc威尼斯城官网”一栏中的任何一种方法与vnsc威尼斯城官网联系.

11. 安全措施

vnsc威尼斯城官网已采取安全措施防止损失, 滥用, 以及更改vnsc威尼斯城官网控制下的个人信息. 然而,在互联网上的数据传输不能保证完全安全. 结果是, although we will utilize such measures, we do not guarantee you against the loss, 滥用, 或更改vnsc威尼斯城官网控制下的个人信息, 您向vnsc威尼斯城官网提供个人信息的风险由您自行承担. You should always take care how you handle and disclose your 个人信息 and should avoid sending 个人信息 through insecure 电子邮件, 社交网络, or other Internet channels.

12. Monitoring of 沟通s

vnsc威尼斯城官网可以监控, 记录, 并保留所有传入和传出的通信,用于培训vnsc威尼斯城官网的代表, for quality assurance purposes, as necessary for our records retention policy, and as required for 法律 purposes. To the extent such communications are retained, 根据vnsc威尼斯城官网的记录保留政策保留这些记录.

13. Third-Party Websites and Links

Some of vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务 may contain links to websites or access to 服务 provided by third parties who operate websites or provide 服务 on their own behalf or on behalf of multiple entities. 这些第三方可能会收集您的个人信息,并可能就如何使用您的个人信息制定自己的政策. Please make sure to read the policies of any websites or 服务 you visit on the Internet carefully. vnsc威尼斯城官网不对非由vnsc威尼斯城官网运营或专门为vnsc威尼斯城官网运营的任何网站或服务的隐私惯例或内容负责, 还有收藏, 使用, and disclosure 个人资料 about you will be subject to the policies applicable on those websites.

14. 私隐政策更改

vnsc威尼斯城官网可能会不时更新或修订本隐私政策. Your continued provision 个人资料 or 使用 of vnsc威尼斯城官网的服务 following any changes to this Privacy Policy constitutes your acceptance of such changes. If we make a material change to this Privacy Policy, vnsc威尼斯城官网将尝试通过vnsc威尼斯城官网网站上的通知提前通知您此类更改和/或, 在适当的时候, 通过电子邮件发给你.

15. vnsc威尼斯城官网

如对vnsc威尼斯城官网的私隐措施有任何疑问,请联络vnsc威尼斯城官网 办公室.ComplianceUOPX@from.oldgloryradio.com 或邮寄:

Ethics, Compliance, and Data Privacy
4035 S. Riverpoint百汇
凤凰城,AZ 85040

16. 姿势附录

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 as amended by the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (“CCPA”) requires us to make additional disclosures. If you are a California resident, please read this section for additional disclosures and information on rights you may have under California law. 本节中使用的未定义的术语含义见 CCPA

Categories 个人资料 Collected. In the prior 12 months, we may have collected the following categories 个人资料:

  • Name, contact information, and other 标识符
  • 1798年《vnsc威尼斯城》中描述的客户记录.80(e)
  • 保护分类
  • 商业信息
  • 生物识别信息
  • 互联网或其他电子网络活动信息
  • 地理位置数据
  • Audio, video, and other electronic data
  • 工作经历
  • 教育信息
  • Inferences drawn 从 any of above
  • Sensitive 个人信息

Sources 个人资料. vnsc威尼斯城官网从上述“收集个人信息”部分中列出的来源收集上述类别的个人信息.

目的s for Collecting 个人信息. vnsc威尼斯城官网收集上述类别的个人信息用于上述“个人信息的使用”部分所述的目的.

Disclosed for a 业务 目的. 在一般情况下, vnsc威尼斯城官网可能向vnsc威尼斯城官网的教育合作伙伴披露以下类别的个人信息, 服务提供商, and Contractors to support our educational and 职业生涯计划 and other business purposes:

  • Name, contact information, and other 标识符
  • 客户记录
  • 保护分类
  • 商业信息
  • 生物识别信息
  • 互联网或其他电子网络活动信息
  • 地理位置数据
  • Audio, video, and other electronic data
  • 工作经历
  • 教育信息
  • Inferences drawn 从 any of above
  • Sensitive 个人信息

个人信息被披露给第三方的类别. 在过去的12个月, the above categories 个人资料 may have been 披露 to the categories of third parties set forth in the “Disclosure 个人资料” section above.

Sale or Sharing 个人资料. While we do not disclose 个人信息 to third parties in exchange for monetary compensation, vnsc威尼斯城官网向第三方披露或提供个人信息是为了从他们那里获得某些服务或利益, 例如当vnsc威尼斯城官网允许第三方标签收集您使用vnsc威尼斯城官网服务时的浏览历史等信息时, in order to 改善 and measure our ad campaigns. 加州法律可能认为这些行为是出售” or “共享” 个人资料 for cross-contextual 行为al advertising. The categories 个人资料 that we may “出售” or “分享” as defined under California law include:

  • Name, contact information, and other 标识符
  • 客户记录
  • 保护分类
  • 互联网或其他电子网络活动信息
  • 地理位置数据
  • 教育信息
  • Inferences drawn 从 any of above


Sensitive 个人信息. We do not 使用 Sensitive 个人信息 for any purpose other than that reasonably anticipated to accomplish the purpose for which it is collected. 

保留. For each category 个人资料 collected, we only retain such 个人信息 for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy and as otherwise needed to address tax, 企业, 合规, 诉讼, and other 法律 rights and obligations. 

选择退出的偏好.  For information on whether and how we process opt-out signals, see the “Do-Not-Track” section above. 

Individual Rights Under California Law

加州法律授予加州消费者某些权利,并对企业施加如下限制. 如果你是加州居民,你有以下权利:

不出售或分享. The right to opt out of the “出售” or “共享” 您的个人信息(这些术语在CCPA中定义). To exercise this right, you may submit your request 在这里

可验证的删除请求、了解请求和更正请求. Subject to certain exceptions, 加州居民有权免费提出以下要求:

  • 请求删除.  有权要求删除vnsc威尼斯城官网收集的个人信息并删除该等个人信息, except w在这里 an exemption applies.
  • 请求了解. 请求和的权利, subject to certain exemptions, 收到vnsc威尼斯城官网收集的有关他们的特定个人信息的副本,并将其交付, 免费, (a)通过邮件或(b)通过便携式和电子设备, to the extent technically feasible, 一种便于使用的格式,允许个人不受阻碍地将信息传输到另一个实体. 加州居民也有权要求vnsc威尼斯城官网向他们提供有关vnsc威尼斯城官网如何处理他们个人信息的某些信息, 包括:
    • Categories 个人资料 collected;
    • Categories of sources 个人资料;
    • 业务 and/or commercial purposes for collecting, 出售ing, or sharing their 个人信息;
    • Categories of third parties with whom we have 披露 or 分享d their 个人信息;
    • Categories 个人资料 that we have 披露 or 分享d with a third party for a business purpose;
    • Categories of third parties to whom their 个人信息 has been sold and the specific categories 个人资料 sold to each category of third party.
  • 要求改正. 有权要求vnsc威尼斯城官网更正不准确的个人信息.

Submitting a Verifiable Request. You may submit your verifiable request 在这里. Alternatively, you may call 866-809-3444 (US Toll Free). 

Who May Exercise Your Rights. You may make a request to exercise the above rights on behalf of yourself or on behalf of a minor if you are the parent or 法律 guardian of the minor. 除了, 你可以授权代理人代表你行使你的权利, 如果你向代理提供书面签署的许可. 

Verification of Your Request. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to confirm receipt of your request, 除非您的请求是通过vnsc威尼斯城官网的自动流程提交的“不要出售或分享我的个人信息”请求. vnsc威尼斯城官网将要求您提供足够的信息,以验证您的身份和请求的真实性. If you do not provide us with sufficient information, vnsc威尼斯城官网可能会要求您提供更多信息以验证您的身份, the identity of the data subject of the request, and the authenticity of the request. 某些类型的请求可能需要额外的验证, 因为这样的请求需要更高的认证标准.  

如获授权代理人vnsc威尼斯城官网行使上述权利, vnsc威尼斯城官网需要核实他们的身份以及你的身份. We will also require proof of your written authorization to the 年龄nt to act on your behalf, 除非代理人根据适用法律持有合法的授权委托书, 在这种情况下,vnsc威尼斯城官网将要求该授权书的证据. 


vnsc威尼斯城官网可能会收取费用以处理或回复您的请求,如果要求过多, 重复的, 或者毫无根据. 

Right to No Discrimination. You also have the right to not receive discriminatory treatment if you elect to exercise the above rights.  




在一所认可的大学为自己的成功定位,在那里你可以一次学习一门课程. 填写申请表,vnsc威尼斯城官网将帮助您走上正确的道路.