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online aait degree


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Put your passion for information technology into practice. 信息技术副学士学位向您介绍编程中的信息技术概念和原则, data analytics, cybersecurity, and networking. 当你进入IT领域时,学习必要的额外技能建设的技术技能的基本基础.

  • Information technology

  • 资讯系统保安





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vnsc威尼斯城的基础学习. 学生为实现教育目标制定个人策略,培养批判性思维技能, collaboration, and communication.","title":"Foundations for University Success"},{"name":"PSY/110","description":"Psychology of Learning","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程介绍心理学的理论和概念,将促进学术成功,并为学生提供综合和应用知识的机会.","title":"Psychology of Learning"},{"name":"ENG/110","description":"English Composition I","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"这门课程拓展了阅读, writing, and critical thinking skills that are essential for academic and life success.","title":"English Composition I"},{"name":"HUM/115","description":"Critical Thinking in Everyday Life","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"学生学习如何批判性地思考, focusing on developing the necessary tools and skills to analyze problems, make decisions, and formulate well-supported points of view on key academic, social, and professional issues.","title":"Critical Thinking in Everyday Life"},{"name":"FP/100T","description":"Everyday Economics and Finances","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程通过研究金钱在日常生活和社会中的重要性,向学生介绍思考和使用数字.","title":"Everyday Economics and Finances"},{"name":"ENG/210","description":"English Composition II","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course extends practice in critical reading, writing, and thinking. 重点是发展一个有效的写作过程,考虑到观众和修辞的目的.","title":"English Composition II"},{"name":"SOC/110","description":"Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程提供团队建设、协作和冲突解决的实用方法. 学生必须在学术和专业环境中理解和应用这些概念. 学生开发结构、流程和策略,以创建和维护有效的团队. Gender, cultural, and individual considerations in team dynamics are also explored.","title":"Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution"},{"name":"SCI/163T","description":"Elements of Health and Wellness","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides an overview of the key components of comprehensive wellness. 基于一个预防模型, 该课程将允许学习者探索促进健康的选择,目标是活得更长、更好.","title":"Elements of Health and Wellness"},{"name":"HUM/186","description":"Media Influences on American Culture","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程介绍了影响和影响社会的最突出的媒体形式, business, political, 以及当代美国的流行文化. 它探讨了每种媒体的独特方面,以及各种媒体之间的交互,这些媒体结合起来为信息共享创造了丰富的环境, entertainment, business, and social interaction in the United States and around the world.","title":"Media Influences on American Culture"},{"name":"CIS/291","description":"PC and Device Fundamentals","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程介绍了在商业和非营利行业中常用的个人电脑(PC)和移动设备. Topics include the fundamentals of hardware components, architecture, configuration, upgrade, and repair. This course also provides an introduction to hardware troubleshooting and computer support. This course and CIS/293 are aligned with the requirements of the CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam.","title":"PC and Device Fundamentals"},{"name":"MTH/215T","description":"Quantitative Reasoning I","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"Students apply advanced quantitative reasoning skills to solve real-world problems. 本课程强调建模技能, statistical methods, 以及创造的概率, analyze, 沟通解决方案.","title":"Quantitative Reasoning I"},{"name":"MTH/216T","description":"Quantitative Reasoning II","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"这个应用驱动的课程培养学生批判性地分析和解决问题,使用定量推理. 学生使用大量的推理技能和数学素养来接近现实场景,得出结论.","title":"Quantitative Reasoning II"}],"defaultCoreCourseList":[{"name":"CIS/207T","description":"Information Systems Fundamentals","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course introduces the fundamentals of computer systems and the role of information processing in today\u0027s business environment. 概述了信息系统, systems development, database management, networking, and the Internet.","title":"Information Systems Fundamentals"},{"name":"CYB/110","description":"Foundations of Security","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程提供全面的网络安全意识和对各种计算机和网络安全威胁的基本理解, such as: Identity Theft, Fraud, Online Scams, Viruses and Backdoors, Hacking, 社会工程攻击, and more.","title":"Foundations of Security"},{"name":"PRG/211","description":"Algorithms and Logic for Computer Programming","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程为学生提供编程开发实践的基本理解. 涵盖的概念包括算法和逻辑的应用程序和面向对象的计算机程序的设计和开发,以解决与业务信息系统相关的问题解决需求. This course will cover procedural programming concepts, including data types, controls structures, functional decomposition, arrays, files, classes, and objects.","title":"Algorithms and Logic for Computer Programming"},{"name":"BSA/250","description":"Foundations of Data Analytics","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程介绍了数据分析的基本实践,以行业和数据分析领域为基础. 涵盖了分析理论, 分析生命周期的各个阶段, 数据分析和挖掘, 数据建模的相关统计数据, data visualization, 以及用于数据分析的工具.","title":"Foundations of Data Analytics"},{"name":"NTC/248T","description":"Foundations of Networking","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程涵盖网络基础知识. In this course, 您将了解网络架构, 包括网络基础设施的实施, addressing schemas, routing, unified communications, and cloud computing. 了解计算机网络和网络组件对于任何IT专业人员来说都是必不可少的. This course covers the objectives for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam.","title":"Foundations of Networking"},{"name":"CMGT/245","description":"IS Security Concepts","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course introduces general concepts of information systems security. Content includes governmental views, positions, risk assessment, and management. Coursework explores other concepts; including contingency and business resumption planning, 备份方案及实施策略, as well as various types of invasive actions and prevention measures.","title":"IS Security Concepts"}],"defaultElectiveCourseList":[{"name":"CIS/293","description":"Network Troubleshooting and Support","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides an introduction to computer networking, network troubleshooting, and desktop support. Topics include networking design and implementation. CIS/293提供了与入门级桌面支持一致的硬件和桌面支持问题的实践故障排除. This course and CIS/291 are aligned with the requirements of the CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam.","title":"Network Troubleshooting and Support"},{"name":"CIS/295","description":"Introduction to PC and Mobile Operating Systems","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程介绍个人电脑及移动设备操作系统的基本原理. 主题包括软件配置, file and data management, synchronization, and troubleshooting. 介绍了云概念和云服务在工作环境中的集成. This course and CIS/297 aligns with the requirements of the CompTIA A+ 220-902 exam.","title":"Introduction to PC and Mobile Operating Systems"}],"showDatesCopy":"false","hideCourseDetailsLinks":"false","courseDetailsColor":null,"skillMappedProgram":"true","skillLink":"/content/edu/us/en/skills-aligned-learning","enableDateLookahead":"false","defaultGenEdCategoryDescription":"These courses lay the foundation for all our degree programs. Because communication, 数学和写作技能不仅在IT行业普遍适用,在日常生活中也很有用.","defaultCoreCategoryDescription":"Here’s where you’ll pick up the bulk of your program-specific knowledge. 在你完成这些课程的时候, you should have the confidence and skills to succeed in an IT environment.","defaultElectiveCategoryDescription":"Elective courses allow you to learn about topics you’re interested in, 不管它们是否与你的学位有关. That means you’ll have a degree that’s unique to you and your education goals.","overrideGeneralHeadingFlag":"true","generalHeading":"12门通识教育课程","overrideCoreHeadingFlag":"true","coreHeading":"6 Core courses","overrideElectiveHeadingFlag":"true","electiveHeading":"2 Elective courses","overrideGeneralDescriptionFlag":"true","generalDescription":"These courses lay the foundation for all our degree programs. Because communication, 数学和写作技能不仅在IT行业普遍适用,在日常生活中也很有用.","overrideCoreDescriptionFlag":"true","coreDescription":"Here’s where you’ll pick up the bulk of your program-specific knowledge. 在你完成这些课程的时候, you should have the confidence and skills to succeed in an IT environment.","overrideElectiveDescriptionFlag":"true","electiveDescription":"Elective courses allow you to learn about topics you’re interested in, 不管它们是否与你的学位有关. That means you’ll have a degree that’s unique to you and your education goals."}'>


只要适合你的生活,就去上课, day or night because our online classroom is available 24/7/365. 你的学术顾问将帮助你安排信息技术副学士的课程.

What you'll learn

When you earn your Associate in Arts in Information Technology, you’ll be equipped with a concrete set of skills you can apply on the job.

You'll learn how to:

  • Evaluate information technology solutions to address common business problems
  • 确定信息系统安全解决方案,确保网络中的数据、用户和设备的安全

Careers & Outcomes

Careers & Outcomes

What can you do with an 信息技术副学士?

An AA/Information Technology can prepare you become a:

  • Systems analyst
  • 信息技术分析师(IT analyst)


According to the 美国劳工统计局, job growth for computer systems analysts is projected to be faster than average between 2021 and 2031.

BLS projections are not specific to University of Phoenix students or graduates.

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Get career coaching, resumé building and interview prep, for life. While outside career advising can cost over $200 an hour, at University of Phoenix it’s built right into your degree at no added cost.




vnsc威尼斯城官网是为忙碌的人而建的大学. Build your resumé, prepare for an interview and plan your career — whenever it fits your life, day or night.

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Through virtual job fairs and networking with the alumni community, vnsc威尼斯城官网让你可以很容易地利用大学同龄人和同事的经验和联系.

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Lock in the peace of mind that comes with fixed, affordable tuition. 从你注册的那一刻起,直到你从你的项目毕业的那一天,你将享受一个统一的费率. 这就是你的学费保证.


Need some help?

vnsc威尼斯城官网的招生代表提供个人支持,当你做出明智的选择回到学校. Reach us by phone at 844-937-8679 or chat with us 7 days a week.

Student Experience

Student Experience



Work toward your degree without giving up what matters most. Start your degree year-round and take one class at a time.

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Enroll in online classes and attend class whenever it fits your life, day or night.


You have a support team available up to 20 hours a day, 5 days a week. vnsc威尼斯城官网的学术顾问, 谁会一直陪在你身边, have earned a 5-star rating from 90% of our surveyed students.

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Accreditation & Faculty

Accreditation & Faculty



University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), 自1978年以来,vnsc威尼斯城一直得到高等教育委员会的认可.

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We don’t know what the field is going to look like three years from now. vnsc威尼斯城官网只知道威胁正呈指数级增长. We have to prepare the workforce to be prepared to take on those threats.

Stephanie Benoit-Kurtz
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